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About Us

We are a top retailer of Laptops, Smartphones, and Portable Devices in Kenya dedicated to becoming the most adored and dependable marketplace by providing excellent customer service, quick shipping, and a top-notch purchasing experience. We deliver the best genuine smartphones, laptops, and portable gadgets to you directly from the manufacturers.

History of the Company

As an electronics store with the individualized service of your neighborhood retailer, we are distinctive in the world of retailing. Convenient shopping is the core of our company’s mission, which includes the twin goals of enhancing the operations of our clients and raising productivity and income.

Our Vision

The company’s primary goal is to assist clients wherever they may be. The makers of this product intended to provide their clients with ease in addition to comprehensive solutions for study, design, hardware, and software supply, advice on what to buy and where to get it, servicing, and training.

Our Mission

By acquiring the top electronic products in the world and building strategic partnerships and relationships with the leading equipment vendors, Monten Technology increases the efficiency of portable device resources for your growth while enabling us to provide the best products at competitive prices.

We are located at The Bazaar Floor 4-Suite 6, Biashara Street. Nairobi, Kenya. We do deliveries nationwide and the neighboring countries.


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